A payment solution developed with dentists for dentists

Until now, accessing the benefits of a payment plan for patients has been too complicated and time-consuming.
That changes today with Australia’s first, integrated payment dental plan powered by Humm that works for both your patients and your practice.
National Dental Plan has been designed around the specific needs of your practice and patients. The upfront cost of treatment can be a sticking point for patients, by offering NDP as a unique payment option can help increase treatment acceptance.

NDP helps you ensure practice cash flow stability and increase patient treatment plan future acceptance.

NDP is already built into D4W and prints on every treatment plan. NDP is waiting inside your Dental4Windows software, allowing you to manage your new payment plan in one familiar setting.

This integration allows you to print a payment plan automatically on the bottom of your current treatment plans, leaving your staff to focus on their job while NDP sells itself to every patient.

Spread the treatment cost over time

Increase treatment acceptance

Increase treatment acceptance by
offering a No Interest Ever! payment solution that works for both you and your patients.

Dental4Windows Integration

NDP is already integrated into your D4W software allowing you to do everything in one familiar setting. Don’t have D4W? You can still process NDP applications through the humm portal.

Upfront Payment

National Dental Plan pays your practice upfront and we take the responsibility of collecting patient repayments.

Fast Application Time

Applications are approved quickly and the entire process can take less than 5 minutes from start to finish.

Up to $12,000

National Dental Plan gives your patients up to $12,000 to spend on treatments and products with you.

How does National Dental Plan work in your practice?

Step 1

Discuss the treatment plan with your patient, introduce
National Dental Plan as a convenient payment solution.

Step 2

Your patient applies for National Dental Plan at reception. It only takes a few minutes with our fast approval and simple application.

Step 3

You are paid upfront and we take the responsibility of collecting patient repayments.

Step 4

Patients can start treatment immediately
spreading the cost over time.

Join NDP today and give yourself and your
patients a winning smile!