Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Who is National Dental Plan (NDP)?

National Dental Plan powered by Certegy Ezi-Pay is an in-house payment plan developed with dentists for dentists. Using a cloud-based platform, it is accessible by designated dental staff on any computer via a simple but very secure password-protected web interface. An in-house payment plan for patients has often seemed too complicated and time-consuming for dental practices, until now. Centaur Software (Dental4Windows) is revolutionizing Dental Payment Plans so you can improve treatment acceptance, patient satisfaction and practice profits. We are delighted to offer National Dental Plan (NDP) for Dental Practice Owner/Operators – powered by Certegy Ezi-Pay, an integrated and proven payment system.

Q. How does it work in my practice?

National Dental Plan is fully integrated into Centaur’s Dental4Windows dental software, providing seamless integration into your current system and process. Once a patient has applied and is approved, you get paid upfront and we take the responsibility of managing the payment plan, including patient contact for missed payments or altering debit times.

Q. What does it cost to use National Dental Plan?

Your patient pays an establishment fee to set up the account, fortnightly payment processing fees and a monthly account keeping fee. The establishment fee and payment processing fees are spread over the term of the payment plan. Your patient can also make additional repayments or pay thier plan out early with no payout fees.
• Once off establishment fee of $70
• Fortnightly Payment Processing Fee $2.95 + Monthly Account Keeping Fee $3.50

Q. How do Patients apply for National Dental Plan?

Our application process is simple and efficient and only takes a few minutes to complete. Your patient needs a bank account or credit card we can debit payments from and must meet our basic criteria:
• 18+ yrs, Australian citizen/permanent resident with drivers licence
• Employed/self-employed 30+ hrs/wk or Aged/Veteran pensioner

Q. What if a patient misses a repayment?

The patient will have the Direct Debit reattempted on the same day that the bank notifies us that it has been unsuccessful. If the payment is further unsuccessful, we will attempt to communicate with the patient via phone, email, SMS and mail to re-establish the payment plan.

Q. Can I advertise National Dental Plan?

Yes, you can. We will provide your practice with a practice support kit, promotional material and a dedicated support team who are here to help.

Q. Can customers pay out their agreement early?

Yes, and there are no extra fees for early payment.

Q. Do I have to take a deposit?

The standard deposit is 20% however you are free to ask for more if you like. Certegy Ezi-Pay VIP customers may be approved for a lower or 0% deposit.

Q. Can patients use a credit card?

Yes. Patients can pay their deposit and have repayments direct debited from their credit card at no extra cost to you.

Q. Can aged pensioners & veterans apply?

Yes, they can.

Q. Who is NDP powered by?

NDP is powered by Certegy Ezi-Pay, a division of ASX-listed FlexiGroup. Part of Flexigroup, Certegy Ezi-Pay has provided over $5.5 Billion in Australian payment plans to 1.6 million Australians through a network of 12,000+ retail locations.